25 New Things

I turned 25 recently (by recently I mean almost a month ago), and it has been very…interesting to say the least. The months leading up to my twenty-fifth birthday were not pretty – they were filled with self-doubt, immense questioning, tears (the ugly kind), reruns of Friends and lots of staring at the ceiling late at night while trying to sleep wondering why I was such a mess.


Then, almost like magic, I turned 25. Within the past month already, some very positive changes have taken place. I have been spending time (actively!) on writing, and have been meeting regularly with two other young female writers at a variety of coffee shops and diners to focus and encourage each other with our writing. On top of that, every day life things got a huge sigh of relief when I submitted my final student loan payment almost exactly three years post graduation – which I am still in disbelief about, if I’m honest.


It’s funny – I spent all this time agonizing over turning 25, but here I am a month later and it is amazing how much better I feel already. I tend to worry unnecessarily (rather frequently, I’ll admit), but this new calm (largely due to the relief of no more student debt hanging over my head) has brought a newfound (albeit small) confidence into my life. And with this newfound confidence, which I believe may have been lurking behind a paranoid concern or pillar of low self-esteem (or two, or three), I feel ready to finally take charge and do some things I have been wanting to do for a very long time.


So my goal for my twenty-fifth year is simply this: to try and attempt twenty-five new “things”. It could be as simple as renting a car because I can now do that legally at every major rental car company to trying a new type of food. It could be big like traveling to a brand new destination I’ve never been to before or it could be something small, like a writing exercise in a different style or catching up on some classic literature.


I already have joined an amazing writing group, which has not only revitalized my passion for writing but has been an extremely healthy outlet for me (both creatively and socially). I have paid off my student loans, which means while I still have other debt and bills and am still living at home, I have gained another small ounce of financial freedom and self-reliance. I am going on an adventure with one of my dearest college friends at the end of summer as she moves on to another part of her life, and I will be flying alone for the first time ever.


All these little things I’ve noticed are having an extremely positive impact on not only myself as a person, but on my writing. I’m forcing myself to sit down and just DO IT and carve time out of my busy schedule to do so. I realized one night that I don’t need to spend countless hours on Facebook or Netflix – especially if I am not using my time wisely, time I could be using to flesh out the character of my current protagonist or working out the kinks in the plot.


So on that note, I raise a glass to year twenty-five, and am excited to see (and share) what new things come my way!


Sincerely (as always)
The Shoe


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