My First Paid Writing Project

Granted, it was Z’s parents and came in the form of an electronic gift card to a massive coffee chain known for mermaid cups and great benefits, but it most definitely counts as compensation.

santana boo ya

I even confronted Z about the whole thing. I thought they were being nice, spoiling me once again as the daughter they never had, but Z of course had to go and ruin that whole thought by telling me it was because they were blown away by my work.

tina fey funny face

You see, Z* and I are both storytellers. Z is a visual cinematographer, and I am more of a self-proclaimed word artist. These similarities are why we work, and sometimes why we don’t…as well. (hehe)


Anyway, Z was assisting his parents with a project that required his mad film skills, and I tagged along. Long story short, he needed to create a promotional video of sorts which ultimately will need a voiceover which means a script needed to be created and hey WORDS.

Hugh Grant hips dancing 2

I must confess I didn’t actually do a lot of the writing, I more took the general idea they had written out and played typographical Tetris with the document for half an hour. I tweaked, shortened, and downright moved some sentences around, and added a smidge of classic Shoe flair. I had fun dissecting the entire piece, and most importantly I was glad I could help out Z and his parents. (brownie points)

mean girls getting down

(No, seriously, I was and am very glad I could help. Even before I knew I would be rewarded πŸ˜‰

I wasn’t expecting anything. Maybe a “thank you,” and most definitely edits and changes, like I receive at work on the regular. However, I instead received a highly professional email from Z’s dad, which Z had to explain is him giving high praise. Like when the farmer told Babe “that’ll do, pig, that’ll do,”-it was kind of like that. Simple, yet very meaningful.


Both his parents highly praised the piece, which I thought was okay but figured would need additional work. That alone warmed my heart like a white girl’s pumpkin spice latte. However, them going the extra mile and kindness to compensate me for my time, that brought everything to a whole new level.

My writing has a value to it.

In other of Back to the Future this past weekend.

In honor of Back to the Future this past weekend. Happy Belated BTTF Day Everyone!

That’s something every writer needs to realize some point. I guess that moment happened today.

What’s even better, is I know that the people that believe in my writing also believe in me, because they love me and support me. And, trust me when I say this, but if they truly didn’t see value or believe I have a chance they would not be as encouraging.

Liam Neeson finger

Overall, I can’t think of a better way for my first paid (freelanced) writing gig to go.


The Shoe

rdj cute shrug



* Z, my one letter nickname for the dashingly handsome, highly incorrigible, and overall wonderful human being I have had the pleasure of dating for the past five years. The nickname is to keep serial killers at bay and to protect him from any embarrassment my articles may generate for him.


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