Writer’s Lament 1: Lazy or Just Uninspired?

I haven’t posted to this blog since August 6th. The last time I wrote (non-work related) was a few weeks ago, on a rough draft that wound up becoming far too long and is now extremely irrelevant.


For someone who loves writing, it is amazing how often I don’t just sit down and do it.

In my defense (because I need to validate and excuse myself), I write at work. I write, edit, proofread, and debate grammar and punctuation on a daily basis. Right now we are in the middle of revamping our company website, which has meant long hours simply adding and filling content to pages and pages and pages of website (interspersed with banging my head against the wall in our conference room).

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One could possibly understand why I haven’t written on this blog, or in general, simply due to the demands on the job at the moment. In all honesty, the last thing I want to do is type/write and stare at a screen for a few hours after staring at a screen all day. (Of course, this means that I am then staring at my phone’s screen, texting le boyfriend, Facebooking, or mindlessly browsing the web and slowly killing off brain cells and damaging IQ points.)

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(So maybe not wanting to stare at a screen is a bad excuse.)

As I have mentioned before, (this post is starting to sound a lot like one I did in July-I am THAT out of practice) if you want to write and succeed at writing, than you have to make time. You have to make it priority. You have to treat it like any serious relationship in your life.


But how do you do it when you are exhausted because you’ve been doing it at work? How do you do it when you keep telling yourself to relax instead of pushing yourself to write? How do you do it when you keep telling yourself you are feeling uninspired, and no matter how hard you try to push forward, you can’t create?

I’m looking for advice friends. How do YOU do it?

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