New Directions

No, this post is not going to focus on a former high school club centered on an underdog show choir. Sorry to disappoint if that is what you were looking forward. Here’s an entertaining GIF to make up for it:

Ah. Season One Glee. Before they ignored Tina. Before they ruined her character and made her break up with Mike and have her have that whole weird thing with Blaine... but anyway. Where was I?

Ah. Season One Glee. Before they ignored Tina. Before they ruined her character and made her break up with Mike and have her have that whole weird thing with Blaine…
but anyway. Where was I?

No, by new directions I am actually discussing the path of this blog, and ultimately, the path I am meandering in my own life.

When I first started this blog, it was purely to serve as an outlet. Therapy. A release of sorts. I started this blog two months after my student loans kicked in, and about seven months after I had graduated college. I was working part-time, with dreams of finding full time work to support the aggressive repayment plan I envisioned in my head, as well as my dreams of moving back out on my own.

awesome colbert

That was over a year ago, and 2013 was filled with the thoughtful mind wanderings of a part-time working, life questioning, angst ridden 23-year-old. My posts focused on my ever changing job search, personal frustrations and struggles, and the optimistic hope that someday I would land that full-time job, and instead of being called a recent graduate I would carry a new title: the young professional.

michael j fox young professional

Now here I am. Over a year later, and I am working full-time. My loans are slowly yet surely getting paid off, I’m slowly yet surely taking on additional responsibilities, and the original journey of this blog seems to have reached its destination. I no longer will cry at random, worrying about working in wedding retail for the rest of my life as a part-time employee with no shot at benefits. I no longer spend all my free time stalking career websites. I no longer agonize and obsess over revisions of my resume.

Instead, my free time has included reading, sleeping, and seeking out places to live (since I will soon be moving out of a previously mentioned pink bedroom).

Everything seems to be falling into place, at least that is how it would appear. One might even question if this blog has a purpose anymore.

leia go what

I’m here to say, it does.

epic han omg

This blog has been highly instrumental in helping me navigate the inner tunnels and mazes and confusions of…well, myself. Despite having figured out a few things here and there, there is still a lot that I can learn about myself. Sure, I have the job thing squared away, but there are still those other items on my bucket list. There is still that dream of writing eating away at me. There are still a million thoughts going a million miles a minute in my cranium.

So, while the direction of this blog may slightly change over the next year, it is here to stay. Here to help me, and hopefully others. Here to show that I’m not alone as I figure out this whole “life thing”, and here to help you see that you aren’t either.

Thank you for a fantastic year and a half, and I look forward to seeing where 2014 and beyond takes us.


The Shoe

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