My Legacy To Do List

Several months ago, I pulled out some college rule notebook paper and my favorite pen at the time and started making a list in some of my best handwriting to date. I wound up with three pages, and put it safely in an old college magazine for safe keeping, until I could get a nice frame for it.

Since then, I have a few more things to add to that list:

Insert Number I Left Off With) Be more careful about future placements of your bucket list.

The Bucket List movie image Jack Nicholson

(This time, I actually am not referencing a movie at all. I actually haven’t ever seen The Bucket List, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Stanley Tucci in Easy A would be very displeased with me)

stock photo bucket list

Yes, I created, and wrote down in a very physical manner, my bucket list. (Which, apparently is on the list of words that shouldn’t be used in 2013, but since when have I ever been hip and current on anything?)  A list that possessed in great detail my future goals, dreams, and aspirations for my life. It wasn’t just a list for the sake of being a list, I made it because I’m the type of person who likes to cross things off of lists for that sigh of relief and that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. When I was seeing a therapist (long story), she said that I don’t feel like something is fully finished until I can cross it off a list. I figure seeing a physical list, (since I’m visual) and physically crossing items off works for me because it tells my brain (which sometimes has a hard time catching up) that it is finished, and I can move on.

Some of the things on that list were embarrassing, some funny, some sentimental, but all were honest. And something compelled me tonight to put some of the ones that I can remember out in the open for the whole world to see. (Granted, most of my readers are good friends of mine already, or my boyfriend, so it’s not that big of a risk ;). Nonetheless, I’m sliding out of my comfort zone, and am opening up to you guys. After all, this blog is called “Emotionally Naked”-isn’t it about time I got down to my skivvies of honesty?

So here it is. A small sampling of my bucket list, or as I have renamed it for the purposes of this blog and trying to not use the word that shouldn’t be used in 2013, my legacy to do list. Because I really do want to leave a legacy. I don’t want this list to be something I cram into my retirement years. I want it to be an on going reminder of what I want out of this life. Because I only get one life to live here on Earth, might as well take advantage of it 😉

My Legacy To-Do List (in no particular order)

1) Work at Pixar Studios as a Story Artist

pixar studios

2) Teach English in China

great wall of china

3) Become a college professor later in life

gray haired amanda college professor

(Yup. That is how I would be as a professor)

4) Star as an extra in one of my favorite television shows or a movie starring a favorite actor


(I better hurry up on this one. Or find a new show like this!)

5) Star in the musical “Mamma Mia!”

6) Write and publish a novel. (Better yet, a trilogy series.) This one is slightly tricky-I lack discipline as a writer. I need to work on that.


7) Finish and submit one of my many screenplay ideas.


8) Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York City one year

times square new year's eve

9) Ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy

gondola ride in venice

10) Try to find the Hunchback of Notre Dame and picnic by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

eiffel tower

11) Sit in a DeLorean some day (since I can’t visit the famous clock tower at Universal Studios anymore)


12) Visit Universal Studios and the famous clock tower, since apparently the clock tower has been saved!

back to the future clock tower

(my face when I first saw that the clock tower was saved…followed by a huge smile)

13) Attend the Oscars some day

meryl streep oscars

14) Present at the Oscars some day

(I might as well meet Meryl Streep also, because let’s be honest-she is always there because she is ALWAYS NOMINATED.)

15) Go on a road trip out West, and take in some classic American beauty

road trip

16) Get married, and walk the recessional to “Don’t Stop Believin” via string quartet (seriously, click on the link)


(yes, this is actually the people playing the piece on YouTube, and yes they were at a wedding show in Madison, WI! Seriously…click on the link)

17) Spend part of my honeymoon in a log cabin, complete with fireplace, in the snowy mountains somewhere

log cabin snow

18) Name my future pets Emilio and Estevez

19) Name my future son Ferris

20) Adopt at least one child, ideally two, from other parts of the world

21) Purchase an old, in desperate need of renovation movie theater and transform it to become a functioning film house, live theater, and event space

old movie theater

(The fact that this ties in with 11 and 12 is even better!)

22) Build my future dream house with a large library, dance studio, pool, and most importantly-secret passageways

secret passageway library

23) Spend time living all over the world

24) Retire somewhere near biking and hiking trails

25) Be a tour guide on the Great Movie Ride in Disney World

and finally, for tonight

26) Someday, beat my best friend at checkers.

checkers game

So that is a glimpse into my “bucket list”. What’s on yours?


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