Blank Pages and New Year Resolutions

Two weeks ago, we started a new year. Two weeks ago we most likely made several resolutions of how we were going to make 2013 our year, a better year, full of increased trips to the gym and decreasing trips for seconds on desserts.

And then…we stopped pretending and resumed our normal lives.

Speaking from experience, I always make a goal to do better on the healthy front, and then 52 weeks later, haven’t made any improvement. One year I did go a whole 365 days without soda. That to date has been so far my only kept new year resolution. I will admit, I have hit the elliptical machine once so far, have been slacking on tracking my caloric in take on my Lose It! app, and had a goal to start this blog two weeks ago. As of now, I have only 50 attempts at bare all honesty for the remaining year, that is with the ideal thinking I will update this at least once a week for the next fifty weeks.

But…I don’t want to not follow through with my resolutions. I’ve been thinking about what I really do want to change this year on a daily basis. 2012 was a big year-I graduated from college, went abroad for the first time, and applied to several places in hopes to land my first “big kid” job-the kind of job a bachelor degree is supposed to help you obtain. I finished out the year still graduated, looking back at photographs from my trip to New Zealand, repaying loans, and still working part time.

It was a rather bittersweet way to end the year.

On the upside, I am surrounded by several friends and family who love me and are supporting me through this “transitional” period more and more college students are experiencing after graduation. And life could be so much worse, and I’m grateful and blessed for what I have been given.

It was funny, because shortly after the new year had commenced, my boyfriend and I were watching The Devil Wears Prada (you know, the movie where Meryl Streep plays a fabulous cold and edgy fashion magazine editor and features a younger Anne Hathaway pre- Cat Woman and Les Mis?)


Maybe this will help your memory…remember that icy stare?

Anyway, the movie struck a new chord with me this time around. The first time I watched the movie, I was in high school, with dreamy aspirations of my first boyfriend, college, life and little sense of reality. This time, however, I have the first boyfriend, have finished college, a better grip on reality (at times), and my dreamy aspirations are bombarded by obstacles the real world throws at you. In a lot of ways, I really connected with Andi (Anne Hathaway) at the beginning of the movie, when she shows up for her interview:


Pretty sure I make that face on a regular basis.

Andi at the beginning of the movie is naive, a dreamy journalism major who is going after any job now just to pay her rent. She is seen as young and “with no sense of style” (which, let us be honest, all though I have gotten better over the years with color coordination, stylish is not a word any of you would use to describe me), and Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the editor of Runway magazine, sees something in her despite it.

Through the course of the movie, Andi grows in a lot of different ways, and eventually realizes that selling your soul to an industry or company that you really don’t believe in is not worth sacrificing your personal relationships or your dreams. But she does become a more confident and secure woman because of everything she has experienced, which helps her in the long run when she lands her dream job.


She also got a great make over from fairy godmother Nigel (Stanley Tucci). If only we could all have insulting, sarcastic, fashion savvy fairy godmothers.

One of the biggest take away messages I got from this film was that you always have a choice. Andi kept saying she had “no choice,” when friends and family questioned why she stayed on and kept working for the horrible Miranda Priestly. And in a way, she didn’t-loans needed to be paid off, rent needed to be made, she needed to build up experience-and these are all reasons why a lot of us think we don’t have a choice sometimes.

However, Andi finally does realize she has a choice, and walks away from Miranda, the fashion world, and ultimately losing herself in the end, making the choice to be happy and herself, even if it meant struggling for awhile and going back to square one.

That very message inspired me.

Up until that point, I had been applying to job after job, throwing my resume around like dollar bills at…certain entertainment venues, spending a lot of time on job posting sites and not enough time figuring out what I actually wanted to do. I was thinking so short term and not long term. I was settling for a good paying job to pay bills and not dwelling on my dreams and aspirations and figuring out what I want to do as a career or, in life for that matter. A certain friend of mine (you know who you are) is always pushing me to find my passions and go after my dreams, and I just want to say to him, thanks for that. Because I’ve decided you are right…with a little nudge from a movie involving Gucci and Tucci.

So, 2013, I have no idea what is going to happen during your reign. You are like a big blank page in my sketch pad, ready for scribbles and doodles and paintings. Alongside my attempts at  eating healthier, exercising, and overall being better, I am attempting to find myself. Attempting to make choices, and realize there are several choices to be made. They say college was supposed to help you figure out what you want in life. So, I’m a year late.

At the least the year has just begun.


2 thoughts on “Blank Pages and New Year Resolutions

    • Thanks Cheryl! I am really glad I joined Twitter as well, and I have always wanted to do a blog and I’m glad I finally sat down to do it :p Nothing wrong with chasing our dreams a little harder-those are the ones worth chasing 😉 Keep me posted on your job search, and I’ll keep my eyes open for you!

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